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Alchemist - Secret Sauce Part 2 Drum Kit

Alchemist - Secret Sauce Part 2 Drum Kit

Alchemist - Secret Sauce Part 2 Drum Kit

Alchemist is back with another must have, classic collection of drums!


Alchemist once again brought out his old ASR-10 disks loaded with hip hop classics, solo'ed the drums, recorded 4 bars , then solo'ed each drum sound. "It gives people a chance to find the samples that accompany the drums and remake the classic beats or use them on new beats", says Alchemist.


Alchemist Secret Sauce Part 2 features the drums from these Alchemist produced classics:


What a Real Mobb Do, Bumpy, Bring You Light, Going Pop, Bang Bang, Dub, Big Twins, Shootem Up, Simmons, Carved in Stone, Sonoton, Marathon, Ray, Guns Is Razors, Soul, Legacy, Impressions, Movie, Ninety One, MPK, The Drama, Intrude, Son, Electric Chair, Grand Entry


Plus a bonus folder of sounds from Alchemist personal drum stash & ASR-10 including Kicks, Snares, Hats, & FX.


Own a piece of Hip Hop History with Alchemist's - Secret Sauce Part 2


Sounds Featured in this Drum Kit:

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Alchemist Secret Sauce

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