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Agent-X - Aftertouch (One-Shots)

Agent-X - Aftertouch (One-Shots)

Aftertouch is a collection of more than 300 high & low fidelity one shots created by Agent-X. The goal was to put together a collection of one shots that would have all of the elements you need to create a full production: melody, texture, bass, and drums. Each sound has been kissed by multiple outboard fx (SP202, SP303, Zulu, SSL Fusion, Moog, and Elektron Heat) old and new guitar pedals, and multiple tape decks (Tascam 388, Tascam 424, and a dictaphone). Guitar, Bass, Drums, vocals, and hardware synths have all gotten the full treatment here.

In addition to unearthing some drum gems from his productions from the past few years, Agent-X has created a new and exciting sound palette for producers to expand on their creativity. This collection contains dark, light, dirty, clean, modulated, and abstract sounds and textures. All synth, guitar, and bass shots are as closely tuned to "C" as the tape recorders would allow. 


  • 124 Analog One-Shots
  • 24 Analog Bass One-Shots
  • 5 Moog One-Shots
  • 27 Cassette One-Shots
  • 77 One-Shot Drum Samples
  • 23 Guitar
  • 8 Vox/Vocals

Listen to the Demos:

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