MSXII Sound Design - Drums From The Bungalow Vol. 3

MSXII Sound Design

MSXII is excited to release Drums from the Bungalow Vol. 3! The third installment of those incredible drums built from a '67 Ludwig Drum set and the most vintage, high-end gear you'll find. Once again, DFTB Vol. 3 features a collection of some of the best material from a recent session we had at the Bungalow 9. All new & unique one-shots, slamming kicks, snappy snares, crispy textured cymbals and much more! These were then taken further with additional analog synthesis to enhance & find new character within this collection!

Gear used includes (see photos): 
AMEK Angela Blue 28x24x2, \MCI JH 16 - 2" 16 track w/quior, transformers, autolocator III, Ampex ATR 102 Stereo mastering deck 1/4 w/Walting Bear Audio mods, Neve 1272/modded by JLM audio to 1290's, API 3124  4 channel, Chandler TG2, Pultec Eqp 1s, Chandler RS124  x (2) stepped pair, Urei 1176 rev f, Coles 4038 ribbon, Neumann U87 (70's), Sony C-37A tube, Beyer 201, and so much more!

Kit Features:

  • 59 brand new original MSXII drums recorded on the most fantastic gear vintage in .wav format
  • No fluff or filler sounds. All dopeness only.
  • Beefed up with analog synthesis & sound design for max texture/character
  • Expertly processed for immediate inspiration and usability
  • Sound designed by the most trusted brand in the field, MSXII
  • Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, programs, & iOS apps that accept .wav format

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