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Truth & Devotion - Heaven At Last - Limited Edition 12" LP (Black)
Truth & Devotion - Heaven At Last - Limited Edition 12" LP (Black)
Truth & Devotion - Heaven At Last - Limited Edition 12" LP (Black)
Truth & Devotion - Heaven At Last - Limited Edition 12" LP (Black)

Truth & Devotion - Heaven At Last - Limited Edition 12" LP (Black)


At last we arrive in heaven with the long awaited reissue of this highly praised contemporary gospel classic from Anderson, Indiana based group Truth & Devotion.

Taken from the original masters out of the Tyscot Records vaults & restored for the first time since 1981.

This album has been recently rediscovered by modern day Hip Hop & R&B producers through it's title track & has been sampled in records from artists like Larry June, Joey Bada$$, etc.

"This recording is superb. It demonstrates essentially what the sacred and innermost qualities of man can produce when spiritually and artistically blended and stimulated and inspired by God in the presentation of his Gospel.

Truth & Devotion is able to successfully captivate and enhance the old gospel spirit and convincingly embellish it with an appropriate upbeat that springs forth like fresh water from a mountain crevice fed by melting snow. The words belong to the old experiences, but the demands of the old are creatively pitched to miraculously meet the needs of present day urgencies in the form of pop music"

- Rev. Dr. J Solomon Benn, III

Previews are NOT full tracks.

Full Track Listing:

1. Do You Believe 02:12
2. Heaven At Last 05:05
3. Bless My Soul 04:00
4. I Must See My Lord 04:02
5. I'm So Happy 04:04
6. I'll Be Satisfied 02:07
7. Lead Me, Guide Me 03:49
8. Never Alone 06:20
9. Lord You're All I Need 05:09
10. God's Not Dead 04:07
11. Thank You Lord 02:48

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