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MSXII Sound Design - Drums Out The SP404 Vol. 2

MSXII Sound Design - Drums Out The SP404 Vol. 2

MSXII Sound, is pleased to present Drums out the SP404 Vol. 2! The second collection of our live drums has been once again recorded through analog preamps such as Neve & API, chopped & diced to perfection, & then expertly textured with the SP404 for even more character! By request, we've focused heavily on the unorthodox, unique chops that can only be found within unique drumming styles! These drums sit well in ANY musical context. If you're a producer that needs drums that work INSTANTLY, we got you. Drums out the SP404 Vol. 2 features a plethora kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, percussion, breaks/loop chops, & more! Purchase these like a champ & stay winning! Choose MSXII, the most trusted brand in sound design.

Kit Features:

  • 55 all original, live, MSXII drums built for winners in .wav format
  • Emphasis on the uniquely found chops that come from real, live, & skillful drumming
  • Expertly sampled, resampled, & processed with max texture & character with the famed SP404. All dopeness. No fluff, no filler sounds.
  • Everything is unique & useable Drum recordings tracked with Neve & API 500 series analog hardware
  • Compatible with any DAW, sampler, iOS app, and any device you can produce music in

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