Rec Mode Vol.1 - Original Breaks and Drum Sounds


You need these breaks & drum samples! Rec Mode Vol. 1 -  Original Beats & Drum Sounds played by Salle De Jonge. Produced by DJ Optimus and DJ Mace

This first volume consists of more than 150 original breakbeats and sounds played by drummer Salle de Jonge (LeslieNielsen, Shirma Rouse, The Fresh Cuts). De Jonge used different drumkits, various mics and pre-amps to record his venomous drumplay. All tracks were recorded analogue and pre-mixed by Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound) through a classic Studer mixing board.

The result is a hefty selection of thick sounding beats, dusty breaks and drum-sounds. There’s something for every producer who likes to cut, paste and chop: off-grid beats, classic breaks, funky grooves, loud bass kicks, snappy snares.