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MSXII Sound Design - Building Blocks

MSXII Sound Design - Building Blocks

MSXII Sound Design is proud to present an ever so needed essential pack of go-to drum sounds with Building Blocks.  Truth be told, you really only need a few to mold the best drums in the game and here we give the right start.  These drums knock!  However, they each have different textures that will allow you to mold your own innovative ideas to continue to move your music forward.  The first installment of Building Blocks focuses on kicks, snares, hats, live percussion, and analog fx derived from vintage synthesizers.  64 carefully crafted, unique MSXII quality sounds grace this incredible collection.  We've also include 4 Native Instruments Maschine groups per each instrument for your ease of use.




Native Instruments Maschine users will find this kit especially rewarding as we have left the entire project from the "Building Blocks" demo in the download.  Feel free to dissect our work to see how we creatively approach our own sounds.  Build your own patterns and add to it!  Win with MSXII.  Innovate with Building Blocks. 


Kit Features:

  • 64 uniquely crafted MSXII drums in 16 bit .wav format
  • Drums labeled by type [Kick, Snare, Percussion, Hats, Analog FX]
  • Mix ready and slapping.  No limiting or digital clipping.  Analog filtering for texture
  • Maschine groups added for each instrument
  • Bonus Maschine project added housing the "Building Blocks" demo produced by MSXII Sound Design
  • .WAV form samples compatible with all DAWs and samplers that accept .wav format

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