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Kingsway Music Library - UNKWN Vol. 1

$29.99 $17.99
Kingsway Music Library - UNKWN Vol. 1
Kingsway Music Library

Kingsway Music Library - UNKWN Vol. 1

This week’s volume comes from producer UNKWN, who has created fifteen tracks of jazz, psych and soul-tinged lo-fi madness. A variety of acoustic and digital horns, pianos, flutes, analog synths, guitars, and vibes are peppered throughout and UNKWN keeps the mood vibrant and classic, setting the table for everyone to eat.


With credits ranging from Desiigner and Young Buck to Zedd and Diplo, he’s been slowly carving a name for himself between EDM and Hip Hop worlds. With these tracks he gets to flex his multi instrumental and melodic muscles and really establish his versatility. We hope you enjoy.


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$29.99 $17.99
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UNKWN Vol. 1

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