Facebook makes advertising to your fans and potential customers (audiences) nearly fool proof. With a little technical knowledge selling beats online just got magnitudes easier by using Airbit and their Facebook Pixel Integration.

The power of Airbit's Facebook Pixel Integration is in its ability to track visitors (Facebook users) to your Music Store and advertise to them later using Facebook's Business Tools.

This method can be extremely useful for:

1. Getting more fans to your Facebook Page

2. Advertising Beats to Customers (Past, Present, and Potential)

3. Engaging your fans and customers (Audience) using unique content strategies

After setting up the Facebook Pixel Integration it will begin to track your Music Store's visitors. Driving traffic to your Airbit Music Store should be your primary focus at this point. More visitors = more customers and a growing audience. Once you have a large enough audience you'll be able to engage and re-engage them using Facebook's Business tools.

This strategy works, but it will take some time. Be patient because slow and steady wins the race!

Lets get started!

First of all, you'll need an Airbit account, a Facebook Business Account with a Facebook Pixel activated. Get these 3 items set up, familiarize yourself with them. Dive deep and make sure you fully understand how amazing this could be (trust us, it will click).

Visit this Article to learn how to set up a Facebook Pixel

Step 1. Set up a new Facebook Pixel and name it "Airbit Store" or something similar. Copy and Paste the Pixel ID.

Step 2. In your Airbit Account Dashboard navigate to the "Integrations" and then to "Analytics/Tracking".

Step 3. Copy and Paste your Facebook Pixel ID into the "Facebook Pixel ID" field.

You're all done! Facebook's Pixel will begin tracking events on your Airbit Music Store. Remember this will take time in order to harness the potential of Facebook's Business Tools and require visitors to your Music Store. 

We'll discuss some potential strategies for advertising your beats and engaging your Facebook Audience using Facebook Pixel in the next tutorials. Stay tuned!

Now go make some beats, upload them to Airbit.