(launching  October 1st, 2012) is offering a wide variety of MPC tutorials including offerings for the new Akai Pro MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, and Fly. If you have jumped on the new generation MPC bandwagon and are looking for some education & tutorials, MPC Tutorials looks like an excellent resource for people looking to get their hands dirty.

Having learned on and banged out some of my best beats using the Akai MPC 2000XL, I’m excited to see what the new line of MPC’s brings to the table. As a Reason 6.5 user I am also excited about the possibility of Reason & MPC Renaissance integration.

I cant lie, I do miss the workflow of the MPC (minus tracking, zip disks, etc.). Maschine wasn’t my cup of tea and Reason 6.5 has some short comings when it comes to speed & workflow for sample based production. Lets hope the MPC Renaissance fills the void!

I’ll be doing a full review of the site once they provide me with a membership, so stay tuned.

Until then… click the banner below or visit to sign up