Prisma Music Library - PML005

Prisma Music Library


Beatnick Dee presents the 5th volume of Prisma Music Library.

As a long time digger with over 15 years experience studying and searching for records, he's transferred all of that knowledge and understanding into these original sample libraries. With a mix of VST's and rare vintage gear, including a mysterious Russian Synthesizer, the Ensoniq SQ80, and the Micro Moog, this versatile library has gems for hard trap songs, as well as grimy boom bap, and luxurious Soul/R&B.

Gear Used:

  • Vintage Guitars (Fender Stratocaster, Les Paul)
  • Vintage Bass (Fender J Bass)
  • Poly D, Roland JX3P, Micro Korg.
  • Pedals - SmallStone Phaser, Holy Grail Reverb

Choose between the 10 original sample compositions in either composition or stem format.

Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the license Here