Bullyfinger - Bliptron Vol. 2 (Digital Download)

Bullyfinger - Bliptron Vol. 2 (Digital Download)

Welcome back to BLIPTRON. The second installment of our Lo-fi, 8-bit, home keyboard and video game excursion. This time around we dug heavily into vintage toys, some modern blippy pieces and the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System! As always, everything we record is from actual hardware and not any sort of emulation or software equivalent. 

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Casio Rapman
  • Super Nintendo Mario Paint
  • Dave Smith Instruments DSM02 Decimate
  • Buranelectrix DREDRUM
  • Teenage Engineering PO-12
  • Bleeplabs Bit Blob Jr
  • Radioshack Electronic Drums

 Over 1500 16/44.1 Wav Files!

$24.99 USD