12 Bit Soul Vol. 7 - Return of the SP (Digital Download)

12 Bit Soul Vol. 7 - Return of the SP (Digital Download)

E-mu’s classic sampling drum machine entrenched itself, understandably, at the heart of the 12 Bit Soul movement. So, it’s only right to return to the beginning, the foundation of the inspiration. Divided Souls Entertainment delivers their latest incarnation entitled 12 Bit Soul Vol. 7: The Return of the SP.

As in other volumes, the “1200” has always played a role, helping shape the sounds that people have come to expect from the production company. Divided Souls Entertainment picked some of the hardest kicks and snares from their 12 Bit Soul kits and reprocessed and, in some cases, reconfigured the entire sound to provide their version of a “Best Of” to fans both familiar and unacquainted. Please understand this involves more than simply culling, or more aptly put, pilfering elements from their library, adjusting the pitch to simply give sounds a grainy texture. Every sound was meticulously routed through the Mackie 1604, initially processed in the MPC 2000XL, sampled using the SP1200, and finally delivered to ProTools via a Digi002 preamp. For this round they diligently sought to bring a no frills kit for those producers and composers looking to incorporate an analog vibe in a digital era. As a bonus, they added 20 new drum rolls in an effort to supply a little flair for your drum programming as well.

Like so many producers before them, Divided Souls Productions was reared on the SP1200, understanding its importance as unveiled by the painstaking effort to bring analog feel to your sonic creations with this release.

This kit includes:

  • 56 Kicks
  • 59 Snares
  • 16 Hi Hats & Percussion
  • 20 Drum Rolls

*This kit is well paired with Southern Fried Vol. 1 from Divided Souls Productions.

    $14.99 USD