10A - Ear Benders Vol. 1


By popular request we've been asked to carry more contemporary drum samples and we got ahold of some drums that SMACK! Ear Benders Vol. 1 by 10A is hands down one of the dopest collection of one drum samples you'll find by The Drum Broker

All samples, drum loops & melodies were created on my Roland MC 505, MC 909, SP 808, ENSONIQ ASR-10 and edited on a studio computer. Every sound was recorded into 10A's computer (24bit) and fed and sampled into my Ensoniq ASR-10, which was then fed back into 10A's computer at the ASR-10s (16 bit 44.1khz) sample rate. 10A then processed and layered each sound. 

"My main goal for this kit was to get the snappiest snares, Punchiest kicks, Alien like 808s and intricate drum loops to have a point of deference for every producer and their creative needs." -10A

This kit contains the following folders:

  • 16 10A 808s
  • 10 CRASH
  • 10 FX
  • 21 HI HATS
  • 32 KICKS
  • 35 SNARES
  • 68 PERCS
  • 12 ONE SHOTS
  • 70+ LOOPS (10A Loops Year 2000-2009 (Part 1), Beat Box Loops, Drum Loops , FX Loops, HI Hat Loops, Melodic Loops, Percussion Loops)
  • EAR BENDER DEMOs & STEMS (Demo 1 Stems, Demo 2 Stems, Demo 3 Stems, Demo 4 Stems, Demo 5 Stems)

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