Will Glass - Glass Breaks (LP)

Will Glass - Glass Breaks (LP)
Will Glass - Glass Breaks (LP) Will Glass - Glass Breaks (LP)

Side A: 32 original live drum breaks, recorded using a variety of analog and digital techniques, and influenced by hip hop, jazz, funk, rock and roll, Afrobeat, Latin, and soul.
Side B: A 16-minute drum set improvisation, featuring breaks connected by various flows, transitions, and textures. 

Will Glass plays in a variety of styles and settings. He has done experimental pop with Dirty Projectors and Nat Baldwin; Afrobeat with Fela Kuti Egypt 80 alum Baba Ola Jagun; Rock and Roll with Mike Watt; and an array of funk, hip hop, free jazz and improvised styles. He is currently at work on a live, one-man, instrumental Hip Hop album. All of this comes into play on Glass Breaks.

  • Sample free, never-before-heard drum breaks of great quality and variety.
  • It both fits in an established format (drum break records) and touches on other, more elusive territory (jazz-influenced improvisation) on Side B
  • Striking cover design by celebrated Washington Heights NYC graffiti artist Dister Rondon.
  • Side B is a continuous piece of music, but was specially cut on the vinyl so that the breaks and sections are visible for DJs and Producers. 

Label: Alighting Records

$13.99 USD