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UNKWN Sounds - Napes Vol. 3

UNKWN Sounds - Napes Vol. 3

UNKWN Sounds - Napes Vol. 3

UNKWN Sounds presents “Artist Series” sample packs featuring the talented sample composer and producer Napes. Artist series was created to showcase up and coming sample composers. These samples were 100% created from scratch by Napes.

Napes Vol. 3 includes a collection of 10 original compositions inspired by soul, space, and love. Vocals, nylon guitar, and Hofner bass were recorded live for this release with the addition of digital instrumentation. Effective for (but not limited to) producers of Boom Bap, R&B/Soul, and Trap.

All sounds were recorded and performed through a hybrid of analog and digital equipment by Napes.


Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License Here

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Napes Vol. 3

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