The Unkempt Breaks Collection (Digital Download)

The Unkempt Breaks Collection (Digital Download)

The very first all original break-beat kit from MSXII Sound Design. Recorded on an SSL Duality through Universal Audio 8110 + Avalon 737sp mic preamps. Microphones used include Shure Beta 52 & SM57, SE 4400, Schoeps CM, Coles 4038, and an Avantone CV-12.


  • 70 + total Drum Breaks in 24 Bit .wav format
  • File types of Vintage Mono, SSL Mix Down, and mulit-tracked stems
  • Organized by BPM folders (90,105, & 120bpm)
  • Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Apple Logic, ProTools,FLStudio,Propellerheads Reason, etc.
  • Compatible with all hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Yamaha samplers, etc.

Promo Medley featuring actual loops from the Unkempt Breaks Collection:

$24.99 USD