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Timmy Rickard – Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol 2.5

Timmy Rickard – Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol 2.5
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The Drum Broker and Monosole are back with 112 BRAND NEW Breaks that are just as Dirty as the first 2 volumes. Played and Engineered by Timmy Rickard, a recording chain of high quality, analog gear has been used which you can hear in the clear (but dirty) quality and warm tone of these drum breaks.

Enter Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol 2.5 from Drummer Timmy Rickard & Monosole. If you are looking for original (royalty free) drum breaks, then you need to add Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol. 2.5 to your collection.

Digital Info:

  • Instant Digital Download
  • 112 New Original Drum Breaks 16 bit/44.1kHz WAV formats
  • Organized by BPM folders (82bpm – 118bpm)
  • Drum kit mic’d with two Coles 4038 ribbon mics for a vintage sound
  • Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Propellerheads Reason, etc.
  • Compatible with all hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Yamaha samplers, etc.

Recording Chain:

  • 60′s Gretsch Drums
  • Bosphorus cymbals
  • 2x Coles 4038 ribbon mic
  • API preamp
  • RME converters
  • Cartec Audio EQP-1A
  • BAE 10DC Compressor
  • Drum sticks
  • Various Snares, Kicks, Hats & More

Example Breaks from Dirty Arse Drum Breaks Vol.2.5: