Analog Bits Drum Kit Vol. 2 (Digital Download)

Analog Bits Drum Kit Vol. 2 (Digital Download)

The Drum Broker is proud to announce another all original drum kit featuring never before heard drum samples in the classic MPC60 flavor! We created 53 samples from scratch and ran them through the classic Akai MPC60 sampler circuitry for pristine character.  Like the predecessor, Analog Bits 2 features plenty of analog colouring, bit crushing, and crunch that will easily cut through your mix.  The snare on the demo should give you a pretty good idea of what these samples sound like!

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  • 53 Original Samples (Resampled through the famed Akai MPC60 circuitry)
  • Analog warmth, flavor, & grit 
  • Optimally mixed to go immediately in your production with minimal tweaking needed
  • True drum samples from an actual drum set and then processed
  • Max compatibility with today's samplers and DAWs
  • Insanely priced at $9.99 or get both Analog Bits 1 & 2 for $19.99
$9.99 USD