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Analog Bits Drum Kit

Analog Bits Drum Kit
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The Drum Broker is proud to announce another all original drum kit featuring never before heard drum samples in 5 rich analog flavors! We created 150+ samples from scratch and ran them through 4 classic samplers & machines (Akai S3000XL, Akai S-950, & E-Mu SP1200, and Akai MPC60, and Vinyl). Analog bits features plenty of analog colouring, bit crushing, and crunch that can only be replicated using classic 12 & 16-Bit samplers and processing techniques. If you're looking for something dirty & warm, these samples are perfect to use stand alone or for layering!

Don't sleep on this kit, its one of our finest to date!


  • 154 Original Samples (Resampled on a variety of Machines)
  • Analog warmth, flavor, & grit from the E-Mu SP1200, Akai S-950, & Akai S3000XL, Akai MPC60, and Vinyl)
  • Akai S-950 Version resampled @ 9000, 10000, & 12500 HZ
  • E-Mu SP1200 Version pitched up to 45 RPM then tuned down for classic SP1200 Sparkle & Artifacting
  • Akai S3000XL versions are warm & slightly cleaner @ 16-Bit processing
  • S-950 Version recorded using Apogee Symphony I/O for conversion, resampled through a JDI > a BAE (NEVE) 1073 Mic Pre/EQ with a bit of saturation to add extra flavor. 

All Demos produced using these Drum Samples: