Stix Jam Pack Vol. 5 - Guitar Edition Vol. 2 (Digital Download)

Stix Jam Pack Vol. 5 - Guitar Edition Vol. 2 (Digital Download)

Stix is back with the next installment in the Jam Pack Series, this time with Vol. 2 of the Guitar Edition, a joint effort from drummer Stix, Greg Landfair Sr. (Stix Father & Studio Guitarist) and The Drum Broker:

The Stix Jam Pack - Guitar Edition Vol. 2 - Licks, Riffs, and Chords played by Greg Landfair Sr. features an assortment of guitar samples (Licks, Riffs, & Chords) played and performed by renowned studio guitarist and musician Greg Landfair Sr. 

Greg Landfair Sr. has performed for and recorded with top recording artsists such as Twista, R. Kelly, Tyrese, K-Ci & JoJo, and a slew of Gospel Artists too long to mention & Stix is an official artist/drummer for Sabian Cymbals and Ludwig Drums and known as the current drummer for Chance The Rapper. 

The Father Son duo teamed up to create a unique collection of guitar licks, riffs, and chords played and created with producers of all genres of music in mind.

Kit Features:

  • Signal Chain: Tom Anderson Classic Guitar -> TC Nova System Vox Wah Pedal -> Fender Blues Amp ->Sm57 -> Black Lion Audio Auteur Pre -> Black Lion Audio White Model Sparrow MK2 A/D converter.
  • All sounds were recorded Into Pro Tools, with no additional "in the box processing"
  • All Guitar Sounds performed by Greg Landfair Sr. 
  • Over 40 original guitar sounds
  • SM57 Mic'd or DI Audio Files available 

For more information on Stix, visit his Official Website:


$24.99 USD