Stix Jam Pack Vol. 3 - Original Live Edition (Digital Download)

Stix Jam Pack Vol. 3 - Original Live Edition (Digital Download)

Enter the 3rd installation of the Stix Jam Pack Series a joint effort from drummer Stix and The Drum Broker:

The Stix Jam Pack Vol.3 - Original Live Drum Breaks, Drum Fills, and One Hit Drum Samples by renowned drummer and musician Stix . Stix is an official artist/drummer for Sabian Cymbals and Ludwig Drums and known as the current drummer for Chance The Rapper. Stix came with something super dope on the follow up to the insanely popular Stix Jam Pack Vol. 1, & Stix Jam Pack Vol. 2 by recording and producing 158 ALL NEW of vintage breaks and one shot drums you won't find anywhere else! Schooled by renowned drummer for The Roots, Questlove, Stix brought a unique drummer centric approach to creating these samples with Hip Hop, Electronic, and Cross Genre producers in mind.

Kit Features:

  • 158 Sounds including all original Breaks & One Shots performed, recorded and engineered by Stix.
  • Pre-Produced using various effects, signal chains, and analog outboard gear
  • Perfect for layering and mixing with existing sounds. These are the building blocks to the BEST drums possible
  • Chop from Live Breaks or using existing one-shot samples for your production
  • Cole Ribbon Mic -> Analog Signal Chain (3-Mic's)

For more information on Stix, visit his Official Website:

$24.99 USD