Soul Surplus - Deja Tru Pack

Soul Surplus

There’s something about the way soul is infused in hip-hop music. It is the soundtrack to the experiences that make our culture so unique. Soulful hip-hop is the sound of every summer block party blasting classics from the golden era. Soulful hip-hop is the sound of your cross-borough commute during the week, or your walk down the avenue to the bodega for a dollar water. Soulful hip-hop is the sound of the Deja True Sample Pack. This pack includes 80+ melodic loops, including 10 composition loops. Also included in the one-hit/chords folders of pack are 20 guitars, 11 pianos, 19 rhodes pianos, 8 strings, 8 synth pads, and 3 vibraphones.


  • Fender Rhodes
  • Access Virus
  • Roland Jupiter
  • Moog Opus 3
  • Moog Minotaur
  • Yamaha DX7
  • Notation Ultranova Synth
  • Novation Bass Station II
  • Fender Stratocaster HSS
  • Fender Jazz V
  • Crumar Roady
  • Korg Minilogue

Guitar Amp

  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe


  • Electro-Harmonix Soul Food
  • Biyang Time Machine
  • T-Rex Tap Tone
  • Outboard Gear
  • Dizengoff D4
  • Heritage Audio HA-73EQ
  • Warm Audio WA76
  • Warm Audio EPQ-WA
  • Warm Audio WA2A

This Sample Pack is Royalty Free. Read the License Here