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Smuggled Audio Sampler (FREE Sample Pack)

Smuggled Audio Sampler (FREE Sample Pack)
Smuggled Audio

Smuggled Audio Sampler (FREE Sample Pack)

The Smuggled Audio Sampler is a FREE Sample Pack featuring a collection of compositions and drum samples from previous Smuggled Audio releases. These samples were hand picked to showcase the sounds and textures of Smuggled Audio.

Gear used: Korg Minilogue, Roland JX3P, Ensoniq SQ80, Farfisa Compact Organ, Moog Grandmother, Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Maestro Echoplex, EP-4, Holy Grail Reverb pedal

Sample Pack features:
  • 15 Drum samples
  • 10 Fully mixed compositions

This is a digital download. All sounds are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1k)


Explore the whole Smuggled Audio Sample Library


Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License Here


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