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Shroom - Hall Breaks Vol. 1

Shroom - Hall Breaks Vol. 1

Shroom teamed up with drummer AJ Hall to create a new monthly series of drums breaks. All the breaks are played by AJ Hall using a lot of different kits and mixed/produced by Shroom using analog gear (Solid State Logic Duality, 1/4" Studer Revox, Strymon Spring Reverb etc) and a ton of plugins (mainly UAD and SoundToys).

What you get:

  • 25 Samples (Drum BreaksĀ andĀ Drum Fills)
  • AllĀ Original
  • VintageĀ Sound
  • SSLĀ Processed
  • Recorded toĀ Analog Tape

    Read the licenseĀ HERE

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