Roland SP-404 Flash Drive (64GB)

The Drum Broker

This is a limited edition re-issue. Ships October 28th, 2021

With the explosion of LO-FI Hip Hop, instrumentals, and beatmaking in the last few years it was only natural that we drop a USB Drive based on the legendary Roland SP-404 Drum Machine.

The SP-404 flash drive does a brilliant job of recreating one of the most legendary and popular LO-FI drum machines of recent memory. The SP-404's signature LO-FI sound can be heard in nearly every genre and sub-genre of Hip Hop and Electronic Music. The SP-404's popularity has played a crucial role in the explosion and popularity of LO-FI artists and sub-genres alike. Hip Hop heads, EDM Producers, and Synth Freaks will all appreciate the detail put into this novelty 64GB USB Drive.

We teamed up with MSXII Sound Design to include a sampler of their Drums out the SP404 Drum Kit series.

The sampler is a collection of only the finest drums recorded from live drums & processed creatively through our SP404. You will not find anything like this from anywhere else. Top notch drums from the best sound design conglomerate, MSXII Sound Design.
This sampler features 35 sounds from their Drums Out The SP404 series volume 1-7. Each sound is labeled by which volume it's from and comes with its original artwork for each edition.


Technical Specifications:

  • 64 GB Capacity 
  • High Quality Toshiba Flash Memory
  • Ultra High Detail
  • Super Durable PVC Rubber Construction
  • USB 3.0
  • 35 Drum Samples


  • Drum Kit and Sample Storage
  • Tracked out Audio Sessions
  • Beat Tapes – Catch A&R Attention
  • Music, MP3, and Data Storage
  • Store your Beats