Prisma Music Library - PML008

Prisma Music Library


Beatnick Dee presents the 8th volume of Prisma Music Library.

Inspired by late 70's and early 80's Synth-Prog records and Horror soundtracks with a dose of cinematic Soul, this new volume has gems for grimy Boom Bap, dark Trap, and moody, Soulful beats. Featuring Jay Wud on guitar, bass, and additional synth.

As a long time digger with over 15 years experience studying and searching for records, he's transferred all of that knowledge and understanding into his original samples. With a mix of a few vst's, and mostly analog modern and vintage gear, this versatile sample pack has unique gems to be flipped and chopped in a multitude of ways.

Lots of material on here with various change-ups and additional pieces of music to mess with!

Gear Used: Sequential Prophet 6, Crumar Roadrunner 2, Bontempi MS40, Behringer Poly D, Sequential OB-6, Fender Boxer Stratocaster, Fender P Bass, and various live percussion instruments.

Pedals: Enzo Meris, Kinematic Dreadbox, Obscura Altered Delay.

Each sample is labeled with BPM and Key.

Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the license Here