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MSXII Sound Design - Synth Immaculate Vol. 8

MSXII Sound Design - Synth Immaculate Vol. 8

MSXII Sound Design is proud to bring you the fan favorite Synth Immaculate 8.


These are insanely creative & custom patches built from modern & vintage world class synths & outboard processing gear. While the samples are dope and intended for creating instruments in your DAW & sampler, we've gone a step further and created multi-sampled instruments in a couple of DAWs to get you going if you're on Ableton Live 10 & Maschine [2.7 and up].


The SI8 Instrument Kit Features:

  • 650+ samples from 40 custom created MSXII presets from our analog synths such as the Roland JX3P, Arturia Minibrute, Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak and more in .wav format
  • 1.2 GB download (before zip) of sampled sounds from vintage analog synths
  • Detailed installation video + .pdf included on optimal use
  • Sample library is ideal for unique mapping and structuring and creating eve more new sounds from this base
  • Maschine & Ableton not required for use
  • You can use these in any program, DAW, sampler, or mobile device

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