MSXII Audio Presents - The Golden Bundle (Digital Download)

MSXII Audio Presents - The Golden Bundle (Digital Download)

The Golden Bundle by MSXII

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The Sammich Kit: With a lot of garbage out on the market today, who needs another drum kit with the same recycled & reused sounds positioned as "exclusive sounds" or whatever?  With the Sammich Kit, we look to bring back the integrity that's been lacking in this arena.  Fresh sounds, no fluff, no bulls**t!

Dusty Drums: This sample pack of painstakingly recorded live drum one-shots has that vintage, colorful, dust-blanketed character that you've come to love from us.  As if that isn't enough, we then re-sampled all of the material through our Akai MPC 3000 for those needing that added character.

MPC Drums: MSXII Sound Design once again brings you that crack!  If your production is lacking that "character" or "feel" to get you to the next level, start with your drums! Drums right off of floppy disk for your programming needs!

  • Sammich Kit Vol. 1 - 5
  • MPC Drums Vol. 1-3 
  • Black Friday
  • Dusty Drums Vol. 1 & 2


  • Fill-Up Banks Vol. 1-3
  • Snare and Hats Vol. 1 & 2

(For Complete Details on individual kits Click Here, 481MB & 916 items)


$69.99 USD