Minty Drums Presents - The Minty Bundle

Minty Drums Presents - The Minty Bundle

The Minty Drums lineup is hands down one of The Drum Broker's finest selection of drum samples & break beats. Whether its the super rare Minty Breaks Series or the one shot Minty Drums kits, these are essentials for your drum arsenal.

All original sound design and ultra rare breaks make The Minty Bundle the quintessential drum library and BUNDLED FOR SAVINGS! Infinite drum sample possibilities can be achieved by stacking, layering, and tweaking these samples to taste.

Features the following kits:

  • Minty Breaks Vol. 1
  • Minty Breaks Vol. 2
  • Minty Breaks Vol. 3
  • Minty Drum Vol. 1
  • Minty Drums Vol. 2
  • Minty Drums Vol. 3
  • Minty Drums Brown Bag
  • Minty Drums Super Snares
  • Minty Vox Vol. 1
  • Minty Vox Vol. 2
  • Minty Drums Moog Sub Kick
$99.99 USD