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Miniature Roland SP-404 USB Drive
Miniature Roland SP-404 USB Drive

Miniature Roland SP-404 USB Drive

Shipping 9/30/2023 of sooner

Limited Edition 64GB Roland SP-404 USB Drive.

With the explosion of LO-FI Hip Hop, instrumentals, and beatmaking in the last few years it was only natural that we drop a USB Drive based on the legendary Roland SP-404 Drum Machine.

The SP-404 flash drive does a brilliant job of recreating one of the most legendary and popular LO-FI drum machines of recent memory. The SP-404's signature LO-FI sound can be heard in nearly every genre and sub-genre of Hip Hop and Electronic Music. The SP-404's popularity has played a crucial role in the explosion and popularity of LO-FI artists and sub-genres alike. Hip Hop heads, EDM Producers, and Synth Freaks will all appreciate the detail put into this novelty 64GB USB Drive.

Technical Specifications:

• 64 GB Capacity
• Ultra High Detail
• Super Durable PVC Rubber Construction


• Drum and Sound Storage
• Tracked out Audio Sessions
• Swag Bomb / Gifts
• Music, MP3, and Data Storage
• Store your Beats

We are not shipping these internationally due to high shipping costs and losses resulting from customs

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