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Kory Adams - Etheria

Kory Adams - Etheria
Kory Adams

Kory Adams - Etheria

In his sixth epic, the Space Cowboy travels to Etheria: an otherwise beautiful, lush and fantastical world. Now a dystopia, he must take over control from the evil forces who had conquered the planet long ago to salvage what was once held sacred.


This Sample Library features 11 compositions influenced by soundtracks composed by Ennio Morricone and Curtis Mayfield; coupled with textures inspired by Mike Dean. This Sample Pack is a fresh collection of compositions to elevate your production to a new level beyond compare.


These samples have been recorded through the Tascam Portastudio 414mkII at double speed and further warmed up through an analog saturation unit.


Instruments used by Kory Adams in the making of this library include: Roland Juno-106; Moog Sub 37; Casio SK-5; Mellotron; Ukulele; Acoustic Guitar; Bass Guitar. Electric Guitar is performed by @benja__benja__.


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