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Kory Adams - Delirium Vol. 3

Kory Adams - Delirium Vol. 3
Kory Adams

Kory Adams - Delirium Vol. 3

Delirium is the third sample library composed by Kory Adams. This sample pack combines many different sonic pallets and eras of pop music.

The influences for Delirium range from the psychedelic harmonies and sonic textures from the 1960s (Beach Boys, Beatles); the grungy, dirty guitars from the early 1990s (Nirvana, Pearl Jam); and the energetic analog synths from the late 2000s (MGMT, Tame Impala).

This library features 10 original samples processed with an analog saturation unit, created with instruments such as a Casio SK5 Sampler; Roland Juno 106; Moog Sub 37; Mellotron; Upright & Electric Pianos; Acoustic & Electric Guitar.

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Delirium Vol. 3

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