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Kingsway Music Library Presents - Baked Goods

Kingsway Music Library Presents - Baked Goods
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Kingsway Music is proud to present an all original drum library unlike any other than has been released before. Baked Goods Vol I features over 25 original drum tracks, played as full performances, giving producers the ultimate library for creating loops, chopping hits and even writing entire songs to. Because each track is played as a performance, you get you all the nuances, variations and breakdowns that you could never get from just a "break" that lasts a few seconds. 

Inspired by the analog recording techniques of the 60's, we used the same mics and recording techniques found on many of best records from that era and the result is over 20 minutes of original drumming ready for whatever application you chose. If you are familiar with other KML production like Vol 1, 2, 3, & 4 and the Lap of Luxury series, you can rest assured the same attention to detail was applied to our first drum library, Baked Goods Vol 1. 

Includes both (Raw, Unmixed) and Mastered Version(s) of the Breaks