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Jumping Elephant Drums

Jumping Elephant Drums
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Introducing an all new & 100% original set of drum samples created from scratch using rare vintage drums and percussion from Ludwig, Rogers, Trixon, Brady, Maestro, and PorkPie.

Jumping Elephant Drums by Ethan Mates and Chris Warren (Linkin Park, Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, Tupac, Cypress Hill, Redman, Korn, & Many More) features the best recording equipment & microphones used to create this library of all new one shot drum samples for your production.

Features 245 Original Drum Samples including:

  • 55 Kicks
  • 17 Claps
  • 86 Hats & Percussion
  • 22 Marxiphone Sounds
  • 64 Snares

Microphones Used:

Vintage U47, Shure Sm7, Coles Ribbon, Neumann Km84, Royer Sf24 and 121, Neumann U67, Seinnheiser 421, Neumann Fet 47, RCA 44

Recording and Processing Gear Used:

Neve 1073 and 1081 mic pre, Chandler Germanium mic pre, Thermionic Rooster mic pre, Kush UBK and Clariphonic, Telefunken mic pre, UA 1176, SSL G compressor, Fairchild 670 compressor, Neve 33609 compressor, Inward Connections Brute, Altec preamp, Moog parametric eq, Moog Ladder, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Mantic Vitriol, Roland Space Echo, Fulltone Tube Echo, Emt 140 plate, DBX 120xp, AKG BX10 spring reverb, ZVex Super Hard On

All recorded to studer A827 tape machine and bounced to protools HDX @ 96k.