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Jarom Su'a - LUMME

Jarom Su'a - LUMME
Su'a Music Library

Jarom Su'a - LUMME

Jarom Su'a presents “LUMME”, a collection of 11 compositions, each dwelling in their own unique world of sounds.

The target was to create a unique world of sound by blending contemporary/soul textures and dark unique soundscapes, and adding hints of latin inspired groove and melody. Each sample was created to inspire different takes on modern music. Samples in this collection can inspire the R&B/Soulful genres and others that sit in the Experimental/Sinister world – all with a hint of old school feel. 

This collection features a diverse and very unique set of sounds and textures from vintage analog synths, to acoustic instruments, and creative vocal layering and harmonies all meticulously recorded, arranged and processed through his custom chain, in order to deliver quality samples for your production. 

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