Gems From The Crates (Digital Download)

Gems From The Crates (Digital Download)

Bangin Beats start with Bangin Drums... 

The Drum Broker's "Gems From The Crates" Drum Kit is a must have for any production drum library/sample arsenal. This exclusive collection of hip hop drum samples was sound designed from the ground up with the boom bap & hip hop producer in mind. Our sound designer got inspiration from producers like J Dilla, DJ Premiere, Nottz, & Black Milk before crafting this kit. Each drum sample is 100% original and unique to this kit. You won't hear these drums anywhere else. Every kick, snare, and percussive element has been professionally tweaked and processed (Mixed & Mastered) to ensure maximum punch & warmth! Gems From The Crates was created to be relevant and fresh regardless of your production style. Although we designed this kit for the "Boom Baptists", the sounds are versatile enough for any production style. If you are looking for crunchy, hard hitting kicks and snares that smack... download this drum kit!  

Gems From The Crate Features: 150 Sounds (Total) including:

  • 50 Kicks
  • 50 Snares
  • 30 Claps
  • 20 Percussion Samples

Example Beat Made with this kit:

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