Divided Souls - Southern Fried (Digital Download)

Divided Souls - Southern Fried (Digital Download)

Fresh off their musical arranging duties on Scarface's latest album Deeply Rooted, Divided Souls Entertainment is back with their first installment in their newest sound kit entitled Southern Fried. Where the 12 Bit Soul series focused on primarily drum sounds, this latest sound suite showcases range with live guitars, keys, basses, and more. Not only does this kit have sounds that may be used as stand alone creations, but many can be used as immediate compliments to any production style that calls for that extra "something."

Sounds included:

  • 37 Bass riffs/grooves
  • 119 Guitar riffs/grooves
  • 31 Organs/Electric Pianos
  • 12 Kicks
  • 12 Snares
  • 26 Percussions sounds/loops
  • 10 Miscellaneous sounds


What you really know about the Dirty South?” This was such a simple, yet profoundly insightful inquiry posed by the Goodie Mob on the title track from their exceptional debut album. Twenty years ago the question asked, no beseeched, fans to take the southern region of the country seriously in terms of their musical output and their contribution to the art form of Hip Hop. Today the query needs to be revisited as the South has influenced popular music from aforementioned Hip Hop to Country and everything in between for the last decade and a half. 

What do you really know about the South and its affect on music? The quintessentially American music of Jazz, Blues, and Country -might as well say Rock-n-Roll, too- started in a region that remained misunderstood since the people from across the Atlantic dug their feet in the soil and repped this land as their new home. The South is more than just cornbread and fried everything, but a profession of the soul derived from all the pain, anguish, love, and happiness in a region unlike any other the world over. 

Divided Souls captures the essence of the South with the first installment in their Southern Fried series. Playing off the stereotype and the image that many people have of Southern cuisine, this latest sound kit features dusty instruments and original riffs soaked in a feel that captures that syrupy sound of Hip Hop production pioneers like Organized Noize, N.O. Joe, T-Mixx, Pimp C and countless others. These representatives act as curators of the art form, slowly cooking their creations and ensuring that time would treat them well. The South is anything but monolithic, more so a living, breathing entity that gave birth to a sound that never goes out of fashion: soul music.                         

Southern Fried allows producers, composers, and arrangers to grab a small taste, an essence of the South that resonates with the listener. It’s more than 808s; it’s more than drum rolls. That’s the predictable pigeonholed slot that many have reserved for the South and its sound. Divided Souls’ mission is to provide you with a more genuine, broader appreciation of musical predilection of the region. This sound kit is a strong starting part for those creative individuals looking to “really know about the Dirty South” and incorporate that authenticity into


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