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Batteries Not Included Vol. 1 (The Drums)

Batteries Not Included Vol. 1 (The Drums)
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Racksforlive is proud to present Batteries Not Included - The Drums Vol. 1 kit! As we prepare to release our full blown expansion, we wanted to introduce you to some select sounds in the vibe of the project. The Drums Vol. 1 from Batteries Not Included are built from nostalgia & meticulous attention to detail. 

We've sampled all of the 80's/90s/2000's sounding things [Nintendos, apps, vintage live drums, field recordings, etc.] we could find, designed them to work as kicks, snares, hats, percussion, & fx, and then brought them here for you as one of the most innovated drum kits you'll find. If you have any doubts about the quality, the demo was built using nothing but sounds from Batteries Not Included - The Drums Vol. 1. This kit is incredible. 

Here's what you'll find:

  • 75 original RacksForLive drums in .wav format
  • Built from field recordings, live drums, NES & Sega Genesis sampling, and many more creative things
  • A peek into the upcoming Batteries Not Included full expansion pack
  • Compatible with any DAW, sampler, iOS device that accepts .wav format
  • Top notch quality only