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A.J. Hall - Slow Burn Vol. 3

A.J. Hall - Slow Burn Vol. 3


Slow Burn Vol. 3 Drum Breaks.

Slow Burn Vol. 3 features a brand new batch of 25 drum breaks played and produced by professional drummer and producer A.J. Hall. These breaks were played at slow tempos and mixed for maximum grit and finally mastered to 1/4" analog tape.

All breaks are BPM Labeled and range from 58-75BPM and include STEMS.

Sample Pack Features:

  • 25 Breaks + Stems
  • Perfectly Loopable
  • Drag & Drop ready in any D.A.W., Drum Machine, or Sampler
  • Carefully mastered to 1/4" analog tape 
  • Raw/unmixed stems for each break (Mic'd with 10 Microphones) 


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All instances of any of these breaks shots or loops on a track will need to be cleared for usage with A.J. Hall depending on how big of a part the break is in the song.

For any major releases containing any of these
samples, please contact to negotiate any necessary credits, publishing, royalties, and advances.

For most smaller/independent releases clearance won't be needed and usage of these breaks/samples is fully granted.

In any case, please reach out to or to see if clearance is needed and/or to discuss details.