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A.J. Hall - Patterns Drum Breaks

A.J. Hall - Patterns Drum Breaks


A.J. Hall returns with an all new collection of drum breaks and samples

In "Patterns", the focus is on simple, mysterious drum breaks with an emphasis on leaving out the hi hats, or leaving out snare on 2 + 4

The best part about all these drum breaks is the second section in each of them with the full groove that loops right back to the top!

Sample Pack Features:

  • 37 Drum Breaks with 8 bars of a specialized pattern, then another 8 bars of the full groove. 2x your value out of each drum break and use them for different sections, or chop up each section for some crazy results! All BPM's Marked!
  • RAW STEMS FOR EACH BREAK exported at 0 DB with all processing removed. All 10 mics on the drum set accounted for. Use the raw stems to remix the breaks yourself or keep them in your stash for dope transition sounds!
  • 3 BONUS MELODIC SAMPLES played and composed by A.J. Hall with all stems included. Perfect for making beats with the breaks.
  • Key & BPM Labeled
  • 16/44.1 for Compatibility with all Drum Machines & DAWS

Explore all of A.J. Hall's Drum Breaks

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All instances of any of these breaks shots or loops on a track will need to be cleared for usage with A.J. Hall depending on how big of a part the break is in the song.

For any major releases containing any of these
samples, please contact to negotiate any necessary credits, publishing, royalties, and advances.

For most smaller/independent releases clearance won't be needed and usage of these breaks/samples is fully granted.

In any case, please reach out to or to see if clearance is needed and/or to discuss details.