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A.J. Hall - AIR Psychedelic Rock Breaks

A.J. Hall - AIR Psychedelic Rock Breaks


A.J. Hall serves up "AIR" - a drum break anthology steeped in the mind-bending vibes of late 60's-70's psychedelic rock!

"AIR" is a vibrant mosaic of 31 drum breaks, each loop-ready and universal with any D.A.W. or sampler. Each rhythm is etched with a specific BPM and carries 16 bars of groove, flowing within the tempo spectrum of 65-92 BPM.

The pack echoes with raw authenticity, offering up RAW STEMS from all ten microphones on the drum set for each drum break.

A special BONUS FOLDER bursts with an exclusive array of kicks, snares, hats, toms, and extra drum fills, meticulously crafted for this pack alone!

Infuse your beats with a taste of the psychedelic era or delve into "AIR" to sculpt your very own rock masterpiece from the ground up. Your sonic journey awaits.

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All instances of any of these breaks shots or loops on a track will need to be cleared for usage with A.J. Hall depending on how big of a part the break is in the song.

For any major releases containing any of these
samples, please contact to negotiate any necessary credits, publishing, royalties, and advances.

For most smaller/independent releases clearance won't be needed and usage of these breaks/samples is fully granted.

In any case, please reach out to or to see if clearance is needed and/or to discuss details.