PVD - Technicolor HI-FI Sessions (Sample Pack)

Pat Van Dyke

PVD - Technicolor HI-FI Sessions (Sample Library)
Stereo Mixes
Stereo Mixes and Stems

“Technicolor HI-FI” was the debut record from composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer; Pat Van Dyke.  Originally released on limited edition vinyl - this instrumental collage of jazz and hip hop sold out quickly after being praised by DJs and taste-makers around the globe including Gilles Peterson, Bobbito Garcia, and DJ Spinna.  Lush harmonies and memorable melodies played on the Fender Rhodes are complimented by electric bass, analog synthesizers, and electric guitar with a nod back to the classic soul-jazz era of CTI Records. (Bob James, Hubert Laws, George Benson)

Now, for the first time since the album’s 2013 release, The Drum Broker is releasing the multi-track stems for your sampling pleasure. Rich chord changes, slick synth lines, driving electric bass, and chunky rhythm guitar are all present in these 10 original compositions from the man behind the PVD Breaks series.  Enjoy!

“What I perceive the PVD record to be is a jazz record that’s probably produced by someone young enough to be raised on hip-hop.”

“There’s records that scream at you to play them,” he adds. “The PVD record just kind of yells, ‘Yo, play me.'”

-Bobbito Garcia (Village Voice - 3/21/2014) 

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