PVD - Stereo Vision Music Library Vol. 1 (Sample Pack)

Pat Van Dyke

Stereo Vision Music Library Vol. 1

Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist Pat Van Dyke presents “Stereo Vision Music Library Vol 1.”  13 original compositions (7 of which have a ‘bridge’) featuring vintage analog synths, Fender Rhodes, acoustic drums, electric bass, acoustic piano, and loads of percussion.  

Original compositions spanning the stylistic spectrum that producers of the golden-era drew from, this collection is sure to have something for every producer and beat maker - from haunting synth soundscapes reminiscent of Georgio Moroder to organic grooves, right in the pocket like that of a classic Bob James record.

PVD enlisted world class musicians and frequent collaborators; Jordan Scannella (bass) and David Stolarz (keys) while handling the production and mixing himself before handing it off to the legendary K-Def for mastering.  

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