PVD Guitars Vol. 1 (Sample Pack)

Pat Van Dyke

PVD Guitars Vol. 1 is a must have sample pack for producers and beatmakers in the style of Q-Tip, Jay Dee, DJ Premier, and NO I.D. The kit is a collection of LIVE Jazz guitar hits, chords, riffs, and funky sounds, slides, effects, and more. It includes over 125 samples played on a vintage hollow body guitar through a vintage Fender amplifier, and finally recorded using all analog gear.

The samples are organized into sample packs by key and include all diatonic chords in each key (diatonic chords that are in the same key and sound good together). In other words, load up 16 pads from any specific key and you're ready to go!

Kit Features:

  • Includes (Jazz) Seventh Chords in every key (Major 7, Major 9, Minor 7, Dominant 9, Dominant 7#9, and more)
  • Includes a master folder where all 129 samples are organized by chord quality and root for the discerning musician
  • Key labeled samples
  • Includes 2 bonus Breaks  

Listen to the sounds in the demo:

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