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Hailing from Lisbon Portugal, Juzicy began making music at the young age of 11. Shy and introverted, he often found himself off on his own listening to music on headphones. Beginning first by making Afro house music that could fly at parties he eventually pivoted to rap music after being taken by artists like J Cole, Drake and Kendrick and the producers who were changing the game at the time (Noah “40” Shebib, Frank Dukes, Axlfolie). With little traditional musical knowledge or background, Juzicy produces by feel first and foremost - he’s able to lay down textures and vibes that can conjure emotional responses from artists and creators alike. He has developed a strong audience on instagram and having recently relocated to France, he continues to mine unexplored sonic territory, looking for sounds and melodies that are fresh, unique and most importantly feel right.
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