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AMPlify Bitcrushing Plugin

AMPlify Bitcrushing Plugin
AMPlify Bitcrushing Plugin
12 Bit Soul

AMPlify Bitcrushing Plugin

AMPlify is a drum enhancement plug-in designed for aggressive music production and features plenty of drive & bit crushing capabilities

Professional producers and sound designers Ski Beatz and 12 Bit Soul have teamed up to deliver AMPlify, an easy-to-use audio plug-in that combines lo-fi goodness & punch for your drums & samples.


  • 12 Presets for quick coloration and ideas
  • 3 tweak-able modes (transients, drive, bit crush)
  • VST3/AU Compatible
System Requirements:
Windows: Windows 10 or later
Mac: OSX 10.12 (Sierra) or later

Audio Demos:

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