Pelham & Junior - Neo Gotham Sample Pack Vol. 1

Pelham & Junior

Pelham & Junior - Neo Gotham Sample Pack

This Sample Pack is Royalty Free

North Carolina natives, J.Pelham & Pat Junior present the "Neo Gotham Sample Pack Volume 1". The Neo Gotham sample pack is overflowing with vibey soul, topped the analog warmth and grit.

"We really didn't have a specific sonic approach for this project as we usually "go with the flow" and bounce ideas off of each other.  I've been listening to a lot of neo-soul, jazz & jazz fusion, electronic music and some hip-hop and r&b that has a mixture of all of those genre's put together.  Justin had been listening to EDM, rock/electronic music, and jazz fusion as well.  As we were making them, we'd say "let's turn this into something _____ would sample."

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