!llmind - Samples For Days Ultimate Bundle


Great sample loops are hard to come by. The ones with amazing texture, musicality & creativity. This bundle is for those who want and need amazing SAMPLE LOOPS. All meticulously composed by !llmind using true analog synthesis, live instrumentation & techniques he is known for. "Master Clearance Guaranteed" means you can use these samples in any and all of your productions, and if a track gets placed, you get your production credit alongside co-production credit with !llmind. It's just like collaborating with the man himself. Chop, loop, manipulate and flip to your hearts desire. A true one of a kind pack at an incredible price. 


  • 3.94 GB (Over 170 sample loops + STEMS)
  • Cocaine Synths Vol. 1 - 3
  • Red Crayon Killer Samples Vol. 1 - 2
  • S.T.A.S.H. Loops Vol. 1 - 3
  • The Grand Sessions
  • All Chords Everything + BONUS unreleased samples.

Retail Value: $270.00 USD // Cost Today: $69.99 USD ($200.00 in savings)

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