Beat Butcha - Yolked Out Drum Library

Beat Butcha

We bundled up our most popular drum kit series by master producer and sound designer Beat Butcha to maximize your savings (40% to be exact)! The Yolked Out Drum Library features all 11 of Beat Butcha's most popular drum kits including:

  • Dangerous Fireworks Vol. 1
  • Pure Protein Vol. 1
  • Pure Protein Vol. 2
  • Pure Protein Vol. 3
  • Pure Protein Vol. 4
  • Pure Protein Vol. 5
  • Pure Protein Vol. 6
  • The Steroid Pack Vol. 1
  • The Steroid Pack Vol. 2
  • The Steroid Pack Vol. 2
  • Messages From Outerspace

Find out more about the contents of the kits here: Beat Butcha Drum Kits

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